About Sliced Vegetarian

This book is not yet ready for publication.

In Sliced Vegetarian, Daisy Arthur is at it again, when her special needs friend becomes accused of murdering a local accountant in Gigantos Supermarket.  The accountant, Cissy Melato, has a weight problem and she tries to solve it by becoming a vegetarian.  Cissy has given up meat and replaced it with ice cream and potato chips. So who would want to murder a vegetable-focused accountant?

In this tale of too much, everyone has a need to watch their indulgences before someone else gets hurt.

Please join Daisy, her boyfriend and Littleton police lieutenant, Gabe Caerphilly, and the whole host of quirky Littleton friends as they struggle through Daisy’s second adventure.

This novel is due out in print summer of 2015.

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