Introducing Thunder & Georgette

Who Is Thunder?

Prophet with his ball

Prophet with his ball.

When writing Faith On The Rocks, Daisy needed to have a fun, non-judgemental friend who would willingly leap into any adventure she became caught up in.  Who better for that role than a nice big dog?  Thunder is, as with all the characters in the Daisy books, a combination of many great personalities, but the one he most resembles is our own Prophet. Proph is a German Shepherd with all of the goofiest shepherd traits, and all of the best ones too.  He was originally named Xieger Geschenk von Gott, the Xieger part meaning “warrior” in German. But it was obvious from the moment we brought him home Prophet was more a leader than a warrior.  As a pup, he would take our hands in his mouth and lead us around the house.  We love our Prophet as much as Daisy loves Thunder.

All About Georgette Heyer — The Cat

What cozy would be complete without the wonderful personality of a charming cat? Georgette, named for Daisy’s favorite author is just such a personality.  Whether she is tearing through the house with one of Daisy’s dog visitors, or simply heaving her bulk up for a cuddle on Daisy’s lap, I hope this wonderful feline gives cat lovers everywhere their own spirit of fun.

Nalla the cat napping with books

Nalla Cuddling With A Good Book

And yes, Georgette too, was inspired by a real cat — Nalla.  We adopted Nalla from a local pet store for our daughter, and soon inherited a feline with great personality and fortitude.  She does, after all, have to put up with Prophet trying to eat her dinner, licking her at the most inconvenient times, and generally trying to figure out what this not-quite-a-dog-toy creature is.

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