Gabriel Caerphilly

Gabriel Caerphilly came alive on the pages of Faith On The Rocks, because the story needed an anchor personality for Daisy’s more spontaneous adventures and leaps of faith.

Gabe grew up in Cañon City, county seat for Fremont county, the correctional capital of Colorado, so he knows all about law enforcement and catching bad guys.  He really doesn’t need any help from Daisy, though she keeps trying to solve the mystery any way.  She’s somewhat of a mystery to Gabe, with her meddling and poking around.  Doesn’t she know she could get hurt that way?

Then she goes and let’s him know she has romantic feelings for him.  Really? How was he supposed to know that?  Those feelings just complicate an already tangled knot of goofy writers, murder mystery and his own feelings for his police sergeant, Linda Taylor.

Suddenly this single dad has multiple complications in his life and he needs to sort them all out.  If he doesn’t there could be more trouble.

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