Daisy Notes

FAITH ON THE ROCKS …Cover design for "Faith on the Rocks"

Retired and widowed special education teacher, Daisy Arthur, has decided to take up writing–romance writing.  She joins a local romance critique group only to discover two big problems:

  • One, she can’t write to save her life.
  • And two, group member Father Rico Sanchez (yes, a catholic priest ), has just been found in the Platte River, murdered.

Enter Gabriel Caerphilly, the local police expert assigned to the case.  Although Daisy sees Gabe as husband potential, he seems to view her as a promising murder suspect, even though she taught his daughter’s high school special education class.

Join Daisy as she twists through this cozy mystery with a collection of quirky friends, suspects, and even a German Shepherd puppy, Thunder.   After all, Daisy needs to solve the mystery of who killed the good father before she becomes a next victim!

Daisy’s Faith On The Rocks is due for publication in June, 2013.  Please contact Liesa to be on her mailing list, and be among the first to get a copy.

Publisher: Five Star Publishing
Price: $25.95
Publication Date: June 19, 2013
Available on Amazon: July 10, 2013
ISBN Number: 978-1-4328-2713-7


Daisy is at it again, in an amateur sleuth’s struggles with romance, weight gain, and a special needs friend who needs Daisy’s help.

When a local accountant is found sliced up in Gigantos super market bathroom, special needs employee, Brian Hughes, is the number one suspect.  Ginny Caerphilly, Brian’s girlfriend and daughter of Littleton police lieutenant, Gabe Caerphilly, asks Daisy for help in this tale of too much.

Keep an eye out in Liesa’s blog to see how this story progresses!

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