Daisy Update — Fingers Crossed

Hello my reading friend,

Here are a few updates regarding Daisy books, and my work as an author:


Five Star Publishing on FacebookAt last, I have sent off Sliced Vegetarian to the publisher.  Now all I have to do is wait for several weeks to see if this second Daisy Arthur Mystery meets Five Star’s needs for publishable work.  I don’t understand much about the review process, but I do know that if the senior editor likes this book, she will make a pitch to someone else in acquisitions and then the book “goes to the top.”  At any stage the work can be sent back with “rejection” on it, but only after it’s made the complete rounds favorably will I see an email that might start with the words, “I am pleased to contact you with an offer for publication . . .” Please keep your fingers crossed for Sliced Veggie.


Mystery Writers of America logoI’m also excited to let you know that I was recently elected to “Membership Chair” for the Rocky Mountain Mystery Writers of America association.  This terrific organization is part of Mystery Writers of America, which has been in existence for more than 66 years.  You do not have to be a published mystery writer to join, but just someone interested in the crime, mystery and detection aspects of our fiction life.  Each month I go to the Denver Press Club and meet others interested in mystery and crime, and we listen to speakers on all sorts of interesting topics. If you’d like to become a member of either RMMWA or MWA, please let me know and I’ll send you information.


Part of building an “author platform” is getting your name out there in the publishing world. To do this, you need to attend conferences, join organizations, and enter contests.  With that in mind, a few weeks ago I submitted Faith on the Rocks for consideration in the Colorado Book Awards, sponsored by ColoradoHumanities.org.  I’m also thinking about nominating Faith for Left Coast Crime’s Lefty award, which recognizes humorous mystery novels. While I will hope, hope, hope, I’m not truly expecting to win anything. It’s great to be in the game though.  Have you suggestions for contests I might enter?


Okay, so I’m not even to outline mode yet, but wanted to let you know I’ve thought of a next topic for Daisy to play with.  On January first of this year, Colorado officially authorized people to posses small amounts of marijuana for recreational use. In my local paper, I see a debate over whether or not to allow a pot shop to open in our fair city. This is also a cash-based business, as the FDIC is involved with all banks, and marijuana is not legal on a national basis.  There is just too much good stuff here (and motivation to kill) for a mystery writer to leave the topic alone.


Would you like me to open a new category and occasionally post my research about marijuana? Do you think Daisy may have an interesting time in a story called Pot Shots?  Please let me know, as I’d like to get started as soon as possible on the next Daisy Arthur Mystery.

For now, I’m off and running, before the whole day goes up in smoke!

Have a great week.


6 thoughts on “Daisy Update — Fingers Crossed

  1. Best wishes for a successful second book in your series! I think a marijuana theme for book three is a good idea. Colorado is either the laughing stock or the trendsetter for the nation, depending on where you side with the issue of legalization. And I love the title.

    • Hi Catherine, Thanks for your thoughts! I agree that Colorado is sure in the spotlight over this, which is why it should be such a fun topic to review through the perspective of a nice cozy little murder. Best wishes on your terrific book, Stone Cold Dead!

    • Hi Wendy,
      Welcome to my blog! Thanks so much for your kind thoughts. I like your website too, and the pictures of your vegetable garden look wonderful.
      Wishing you well,


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