Quick Word from Los Angeles

Hi Reading Friends,

Thanks for checking out my blog today. I am in Los Angeles to visit my daughter who is setting up a dental practice here.  Things are so exciting!  If you live near Hollywood and La Brea in Hollywood California, be sure to look for Balance Dental beginning in October.

Meanwhile, I am personally hovered over a small table in a temporary room getting intermittent internet service.  However, the service person just left, and our internet speed is back to normal, so, if all goes well, we are in business, so to speak.  Still, memories of holding wads of tinfoil around old television antennae keep popping into my head.

Won’t keep you long, as I need to run.  There are logos to develop and corporate ID kits as well as lease papers and bank accounts to all be squeezed into days along with fillings, cleanings and other important parts of dental care.  I am learning more than I ever wanted to know about teeth!

Have a great day.  Hope to be more complete next week.

As Jody Thomas said at our conference:  WRITE ON, WRITERS, WRITE ON!



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