My “Personal Travels” Category

Photo of people at an international airport

Wherever you go — there you are.

Summertime.  Long days, warm nights, great times to travel. It’s also a great time to explain my “Personal Travels” blog category.  See, travel to me is adventuring out to a 7-11 store outside of my neighborhood.  Or going to a new shop in town–an old place I haven’t been to in a while. You get the picture.  Too often, we get stuck in the trap of needing to share photos of exotic places to really think we’ve traveled.

But life is about the adventures we live every day.  That’s why I love writing the Daisy stories set in the suburbs and talk about the kind of life many of us might find boringly familiar.  It gives me a chance to look around with a new eye and get excited about where I’m at today.

Looking Around Denver

My husband and me traveling around Denver – just to see what it’s like.

Don’t I like to travel?  Well, of course I do.  It’s just that travel often involves more work than is worth it, if you don’t go to a place with a greater purpose in mind than just “seeing what it’s like in Papua New Guinea” or getting your picture next to the Eiffel Tower.

This summer, like many Americans, I’ll be hitting the road for at least a week or so.  When I do, I’ll be sure to write about the place I’m at.  That’s an easy to see “Personal Travel,” but I’ll also take personal travels right around home, and hope to share them with you. Heck, Denver is right up the road.  Maybe I should go, “just to see what it’s like.”

Some of my travels may sound like your daily to-do list, but please understand that as a writer, I want to learn to describe settings better, to be able to bring you along for the ride, and perhaps help you see your favorite Einstein Bagels in a new light.  I hope when I do this, you’ll help me grow by letting me know when I’ve described some place well, or helping me correct the vision with additions of your own.

Travel – to go from one place to another – to advance. Hmm. That new 7-11 adventure is sounding more interesting all the time.  Want to come along with me?


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