Colorado Star Ball Off & Running

Ballroom dance floor

2012 Colorado Star Ball Begins

The jitters have been expressed, the hair, make-up and yes, even spray-on tans are in full bloom.  Colorado Star Ball for ballroom dancers has started!

This dance competition is the largest in Colorado and takes place annually in Westminster, about 20 miles northwest of Littleton.  Competitors from around the world come to dance everything from the two main worlds of competition — International Syllabus and American Syllabus.  A large group from my dance studio, Colorado DanceSport is here.

As I glance into the hotel mirror, I hardly recognize the brown and bedazzled woman staring back.  But this stepping outside the comfort zone is a very healthy adventure.

You may believe that ballroom dance is for old farts and to be done only at weddings and evenings on cruise ships, but there is a whole lot more to this endeavor.  The act of ballroom dance has a 300 year history, with ebbs and flows in its popularity.  Right now, people dance Salsa, Mambo and various swings in the ballroom.  These dances are in addition to the list of steps you may be used to connecting with balls.

Oxygen Bar at Colorado Star Ball

Ballroom dance is a lot tougher than you might think!

Today, we’re focused on American Rhythm dances.  My friends have lit the floor on fire with sultry rumbas and energetic swings.  There are judges from around the country lining the floor which is larger than any other place I’ve danced.

Behind the butterflies, it’s hard to remember that the judges are here to like what they see, and the dance in a competition is as much about performing the emotions as it is about performing the steps.

Two dancers at Colorado Star Ball

Bad photo- great dancing by Debbie and Mitch.

Debbie is the dancer that epitomizes the comp for me.  She spends a lot of time at the studio, has invested in exercise classes and really works her craft.  I think it has paid off.  She has made several cuts (quarter and semi- finals) and has won at least one first place sticker.  She rocks in a sparkly new red dress, and all I can say is “you go girl.”

This post is not about fiction writing, but about true-life living.  Dance is such an adventure. Hope you can try it sometime.

Talk with you Monday.


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