I saw Bruce the other day, walking along Bowles.  He used to work at Albertson’s before the Albertson’s near us closed up and moved on.  Before the economic “dip” of 2008.

Bruce looks older, his scoliosis more pronounced, his grey hair taking over more of his head and the perpetual scowl drawn clearly across his face. I miss saying hello to him at the grocery store.

Bruce was one of my special friends who made my day when he remembered me as a friend.  Then his face would light up and he would remind me I gave him a ride home once.

Best of all, I loved how Bruce would always be excited about his birthday. It happened in October each year, and kicked off the Halloween season for us.  He would tell me a week in advance of all his plans, and how he was going to be thirty-this or so much older.  I wondered how I’d lost the excitement for my own birthday, why I didn’t plan to make that unique holiday special  any more.

Celebrating in life is an important part of the human experience.  We separate years and months with these markers of our own time on earth.

So today is my husband’s birthday.  I think I’ll remember Bruce’s lessons and do what I can to help my guy really celebrate.  After all, you’re only this age once.


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